Fotoselli Cam Kapı


Give access to pedestrian with radar system,encrypted pass ,access control  systems and with special software system inside is usually a motorized door consisting of aluminum body. They are automatically opened and closed doors equipped with advanced technology in very busy buildings of pedestrian traffic. It is usually equipped with glass and aluminum material. These doors draw attention with their aesthetic appearance and their future designs. Also inside buildings acclimatization is an important tool that also serves pretty big task. Sliding doors have an obvious superiority when the cold and warm air has stayed at outside the building relative to other doors. This show that these doors play an important role in how  energy-saving.

Mechanisms thanks to two double triple wheel system used in each single wing, there is no possibility of dislocation of any immediate impact crash results in the door leaf. Mechanism motors, control units, electronic parts, wheels, fastening systems and complete imported.

Mechanism body,cover and other part of aluminium are designed according to  sliding doors. In the design phase, all fitting details are taken into consideration for sealing and suitable wick and brush systems are developed and these details are solved with a modern line which completes the aesthetics of the door.

Sliding doors have the ability to be connected to all kinds of pass card,buttoned, fingerprinted access systems.