Katlanır PVC Kapı


There is no loss of dead space compared to winged and sliding doors.
It is resistant to winds of about 60 km / h (can be increased according to ambient conditions).
Bars in PVC are made from aluminum and steel.
The air circulation is minimized by brushes and wicks on both sides of the guides.
Transparent PVC windows make it easy to see the other side.
The duration of openness can be adjusted depending on demand.
Movement area was photographed with photocell.
The counter load is running unnecessarily.
The opening-closing speed is standard 0.8 m / sec.
When the power is cut off, it gives the advantage of using with the turning arm.
Adjustable automatic shutdown from 5 to 80 seconds
Half stop function.
Soft start and soft stop functions (inverter)
PVC window up to 1000 mm
900-680 gr imported tarpaulin with polyester support.
Safety photocell with 400 mm height has been taken with the firearm.
Optionally, the safety system applied to the sealing rubber in the base profile and the beam curtain can be applied.
Options such as warning light, photocell, magnetic detector, radar, warning lamp, perdesi
There are buttons ” open ”, ” close ” and ” stop ” on the standard command panel (button control)
IP54 protected electronic control unit