Seksiyonel Kapı


Industrial sectional doors add momentum and changing with ergonomic and innovative ideas to sector. The products are sent packaged to our customer ready for install. Panel and hardware accessories are prepared according to the order given. Industrial doors can be produced with windows and service doors according to the usage places and purposes of the doors.


  • Standard lift
  • High lift-track
  • Full vertical lift


Inside and outside are sandwich panel with 0,50 mm thickness galvanized coated painted sheet and 43,3 kg / m3 polyurethane insulation material. The foam used is CFCs Free and B2 non-flammable. The panel has a size of thickness 40 mm, alternatively 500 mm in height and 610 mm panel available to each other.

Panels are designed using a design that protect finger jamming, also called “finger-protection” (EN12604). To provide insulation at the connection area of the panels, specially designed panels are equipped with heat bridge gasket called “Thermal Bridge” which are installed in the production phase. These seals provide maximum efficiency in insulation. Wind resistance 90 km / h. To increase wind resistance, wind bars made of goddamn galvanized steel sheet larger than 5500mm sizes are used.

Inner and outer surfaces of the panels are embossed and the strength is increased with transverse ribs. Stardart panel color RAL 9010 and similar with fabrication polyester paint has been manufactured. Polyurethane which is used as inner filling material provides heat and sound insulation at high level and it does not pollute the environment with its first class nature friendly structure due to being water based.


Panel heights 610 mm – 500 mm

Panel weight 10,5 Kg / m2

Panel thickness 40 mm

Mounted thickness 43 mm

Polyurethane density 43.3 kg / m3

Polyurethane feature CFC Free – B2

Inner sheet thickness 0,5 mm + – 0,010 mm

Outside sheet thickness 0,5 mm + -0,010 mm

Heat insulation value K = 1.51 w / m2K

Sound insulation value RW = 26 dB