Teleskopik Yükleme Rampası


Telescopic ramp; it is very useful with the adaptation of the hydraulic equipment and design which does not occupy any space by being buried in the concrete and especially the ramp which is longer for the cases where the loading of the hinged ramps is not enough in the container loads.

The 12 / 13mm thick hydraulic tongue, manufactured from 600mm to 1000mm, provides a complete solution for container loads

Increases business efficiency by shortening load time

High range of motion ensures adapts to every vehicle with the loading and unloading

Thanks to hydraulic and electrical compliance allows easy use

Fabricated teardrop pattern that prevents the forklift from slipping through sheet

Automatically adjusts its level according to vehicle height

Provides safe operation by stopping at the desired position

Yellow black safety tape that show its working

Exist 100x100x300 mm 2 rubber crash pads

Side protective sheets preventing foot jam

600 mm in length high strengthly 12/13 teardrop pattern lip

Hose bursting valve that locks the system in sudden situations

Safety valve to prevent engine overload in maximum lift