Hingle Lip Dock Leveler

1-Ramp platform features

Platform measurements are 2000x2500mm.

Platform material is high quality steel 6-7mm wall thickness

The surface of the sheet is patterned and prevents tire slip.

The platform has 120-bit NPI support.

The ramp is blue in color and yellow stripes on its sides. Bold before ramp

Epoxy lining is painted with epoxy paint after being thrown.

There is a security bar for maintenance.

Raising and lowering the platform is adjustable.

The platform shaft lifting piston shaft thickness is minimum 50mm.

There is a hose explosion valve on the piston which lifts the platform

2-Ramp lip features

The hinged tongue length is minimum 400mm.

The sheet metal used on the hinged tongue bottom is 12-13mm thick, the surface of the sheet is patterned preventing tire slippage.

The tip of the hinged tongue is angled situation to facilitate the forklift exit.

Hinged spindle used piston shaft at least 30mm thick 140mm stroke

3-Hydraulic system

There is a 380V 50Hz motor.

The engine power is at least 1,1 Kw.

Parts used in hydraulic system (pump, valve, valve etc.)

24V dc valve is used in the hydraulic system.

Working temperature is -20 +70 ° C minimum.

The control panel has a thermal switch fuse.

It is suitable for IP 55 protection class with control panel.

4-General characteristics of ramp The tongue can be closed with a separate button to prevent time loss when the ramp is in the air.The maximum moving load to be passed over the ramp can be manufactured as 6000 kg, 9000 kg, 12000 kg. Rubber pads are installed on both sides of the ramp. The ramp is guaranteed for 2 years against all kinds of fabrication faults. 10 years spare part possession gurantee for ramps.