These doors are used in buildings with large amounts of door openings. It is generally preferred that the durability in terms of environmental conditions such as shipyard, hangar and mine is important.

These doors, which are produced using double-sided PVC tarpaulins, the most common environmental factor that negatively affects work; the wind has ceased to be a problem in all large canvas door.

Because all the doors in this category are designed to minimize the strong wind load. The wind load on the horizontal guides is transmitted to the vertical columns mounted on the building, so that the door is at least influenced by the wind load.The wind resistance of the door can be ensured by making designs suitable for the wind load that the plant is subjected to.This size is almost unlimited in special door; Any size door can be produced. Fast and durable these doors are preferred in shipyards, hangars and factories.

Mega doors are leading manufacturer of residential door systems. Mega door offers door automation solutions for commercial, residential and automotive applications.

The Hermes company offers a carport, garage, retail, boatyard, factory shop, and overhead doors.

The technology that has been incorporated to the Mega doors helps in making the doors easy to operate with ease and offer high security.

Apart from that, the company is also proud to supply low maintenance, energy efficient and recyclable materials in its products.

The door automation solution from Mega doors are designed to meet the diverse access needs of customers. It can be installed for carports, boatyards, malls, shopping complexes, and auto dealerships, all offering optimum security and maximum convenience.

This system allows for easy access to all of the customers’ needs in a single application.

Mega doors are able to source the best materials to manufacture the doors thus providing maximum efficiency and durability.

The Hermes company provides installation services to suit all customizations. Mega doors are committed to the best industry practices and is continually upgrading technology to ensure customer satisfaction.

Mega doors are the most reliable and trusted manufacturer of garage door opening solutions.

It makes full use of advanced technologies to provide maximum benefits to users. It incorporates a patented technology, state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and offers a wide range of specialty products for every door application.

Mega doors are constantly investing in research and development to make its door opening system as user-friendly and trouble free as possible. With an ever expanding customer base and an ever increasing number of installations, Mega door has established itself as a leader in the door opening industry.

Mega Door Hangar Door

Mega door Hangar Door is an extensive line of products and services for both commercial and industrial applications.

With a simple yet comprehensive approach Mega door Hangar Door manufactures durable and high-quality vertical lift doors.

Diverse options are available for consumers including motorized, remote controlled and pneumatic.

The best products are made with advanced technology and meet or exceed all national and international performance specifications.

You should buy mega door hangar door from the Hermes company.