There is no loss of dead space compared to winged and sliding doors.
It is resistant to winds of about 60 km / h (can be increased according to ambient conditions).
Bars in PVC are made from aluminum and steel.
The air circulation is minimized by brushes and wicks on both sides of the guides.
Transparent PVC windows make it easy to see the other side.
The duration of openness can be adjusted depending on demand.
Movement area was photographed with photocell.
The counter load is running unnecessarily.
The opening-closing speed is standard 0.8 m / sec.
When the power is cut off, it gives the advantage of using with the turning arm.
Adjustable automatic shutdown from 5 to 80 seconds
Half stop function.
Soft start and soft stop functions (inverter)
PVC window up to 1000 mm
900-680 gr imported tarpaulin with polyester support.
Safety photocell with 400 mm height has been taken with the firearm.
Optionally, the safety system applied to the sealing rubber in the base profile and the beam curtain can be applied.
Options such as warning light, photocell, magnetic detector, radar, warning lamp, perdesi
There are buttons ” open ”, ” close ” and ” stop ” on the standard command panel (button control)
IP54 protected electronic control unit

PVC Roll Up Door is being used extensively in commercial premises in different kinds of industries because it’s simple to maintain, simple to install and keep.

PVC Roll Up Door is economical and comes in different styles and sizes. It can be installed over any kind of door – vertical, horizontal or swing open type. With the help of proper hardware it can even be fixed on the wall.

When you want to buy a PVC Roll Up Door you should look for a company that offers both, PVC coated high speed roll up doors and exterior shutter.

The best companies provide PVC coated high speed roll up doors and also an exterior shutter. You need to look for a company that deals in both kinds of doors.

In order to make the PVC roller shutter doors durable you should buy the ones made of thick gauge galvanized steel.

PVC coated high speed roll up doors and exterior shutter made of this material will be heavy and therefore you need to carry them when moving. If you are carrying then you can assure the safety of your goods.

When you are purchasing PVC roller shutter doors you should also ask for a sample of the interior and exterior shutter. If you don’t have a sample, don’t worry as most of the reputed companies provide a minimum of 100%.

You can compare the prices and quality of the PVC coated and non-coated doors. Don’t forget to check out the installation cost. You should not go for a company that charges you for installing only after you have purchased the product. Get a quote from the company before you make any final decision.

High Speed Roll Up Door

If you are a homeowner, one of the best investments you can make in your home is in a high speed roll up door.

Not only are these doors better than traditional doors, but they are usually faster as well. For example, imagine being in the garage and having to get out so fast that you leave your car a few seconds behind you.

With a door this quick, not only do you not have to leave your car, you also don’t have to get out of the car. There is no longer any need to slam doors; you simply turn them both inward giving you instant access to the garage.

High speed roll up doors are much more secure than a regular garage door and are far more convenient for many homeowners who are always on the go.

No matter which style you choose one thing remains the same; these doors are great for your home and you should have one installed in your garage as soon as possible.

These doors will provide you with the security, convenience, and best of all they look fantastic. They are one of the best investments you can make for your home and for your family.

You can buy High Speed PVC Door from Hermes company.