The barrier system you can choose for many areas such as entrance of public institutions, parking garages, apartment buildings and sites,industrial facilities works with 24 Volt DC current.

The switches which are used during opening and closing can be adjusted. With the obstacle recognition feature, barrier system provides you more safety use for you.

The mechanism, which can also be used with an external battery connection, offers you the possibility of continuous use in case of a power failure.

In addition to being compatible with automatic switching systems, the barrier model, which can also be synchronized with two barriers, is included in the IP54 protection class.

The barrier system is suitable for intensive use where you prefer in working continuity of up to 80%. It provides you comfort with working performance at working temperature between -20 and 50 degrees.

Functional features and the rich range of accessories in the powerful spring will provides you long time uses.Long time uses capacity will make you saves your money.