HRS130 has strengthed with its curved shape and resistant to explosive flammable materials,against bad weather conditions such as wind, snow and rain. It is ideal for spaces with wide openings.It has single wall.It is made of galvanized steel material with a wall thickness of 0.80-1.00-1.20 mm according to the dimensions of the door.

The HRS 120 has flat single wall and is produced from galvanized steel with a wall thickness of 0,80 mm according to the dimensions of the door. it is a useful and has aesthetic appearance panel. In the assembly type where reverse winding is obligatory, the back side of the panel can be used as the front side. With window and micro-hole variants, it responds to different usage alternatives.Micro-perforated panel is ideal for areas where light and air circulation is compulsory. In addition, the micro-perforated panel does not distort the aesthetic appearance of the display cases due to its transparent property.

HRS 110 produced by double wall from 2 different galvanized steel profiles each with a wall thickness of 0.60-0.80 mm. Inside it has rock wool isolation. Rigid, it is resistant to strong winds, but also increases the energy by keep heat.It is used in central heating-cooled buildings, where sound insulation is important.

HRS 80 special shaped single walled, galvanized steel is produced with a wall thickness of 0.80-1.2 mm according to the size of the door. It is has strength with its curved structure. It can be used for all types of engines and pipes.According to the other panels, the winding is small and takes up little space.


Panel mounted on the door skirts and used at the door, even if the thickness of the meat is thin, these profiles produced from ST 37 galvanized steel with a meat thickness of at least 1.20 mm and above help the door to be more resistant to wind.The special rubber mounted on these profiles compensate for the roughness between the door and the floor, providing a smooth stop and sealing.


The type of corrugated guide to be used differs depending on the installation location and the type of panel to be selected. The special brush and rubber wicket, which is mounted in the groove, provides a comfortable and quiet operation by minimizing the friction between the panel and the work guide.


F16 inner tube; Electro-galvanized pipe with 1.5 mm wall thickness. Outer pipe is manufactured from anodized aluminum material. The connection plates are resistanced with 4 mm thickness of heat-treated aluminum. Stainless appearance is not deformed because of the properties of the materials.It has stylish looking model and also can be used behind and in front of your showcase

F13 inner pipe; Electro-galvanized pipe with 1.5 mm wall thickness. Outer pipe manufactured from anodized aluminum material. The connection plates are resistanced with 3 mm thickness of heat-treated aluminum. It is a new model alternative to old classical manuel shutters with modern and stylish image. Stainless appearance is not deformed because of the properties of the materials.It does not need to paint , so it is a economical and stylish shutter.

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Shutter door is a great way to add a touch of style to your door.

They are a more secure option than traditional glass or plastic windows which offer little protection from wind, rain and dust.

To keep their homes secure and safe, shutter doors are an excellent choice for homeowners looking for a better alternative to their existing windows and doors to protect their house from harsh weather conditions.

 If you do not currently have one, now is probably the opportune and best time that you can get shutter doors installed in your home to maintain your house safe and protected from harsh weather conditions. Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy with these doors:

Better Home Security

With better security measures such as roller shutter doors, homeowners will enjoy added protection against intruders.

A well-built shutter will be sturdy enough to withstand years of exposure to the elements. These doors will also provide homeowners with a more modern appearance that will blend perfectly with any modern home design.

Aesthetically pleasing shutter doors will help increase the value of your home. If they are properly installed and secured with the right hardware, homeowners can also enjoy the added privacy while still enjoying the great look and added security that these types of doors provide.

Additional Protection For Your Home

If you live in areas of high winds and rain, roller shutter doors will provide your home with added protection from potential burglars.

When closed, these doors will form a seal against rain, making it difficult for prying eyes to enter your home through the windows.

Even if they are partially opened, the intense wind force will prevent any burglars from being able to access the inside of your home.

If you have metal or wood shutters, the impact of a heavy rain could cause damage to these materials. By closing these doors tightly, you will ensure the safety of your family and belongings.

Increased Home Value

 If your property is being marketed, the value of your house will be affected by the overall appearance of your property.

Homes that have attractive features such as rolling doors will likely sell faster than homes without these types of features.

Many home owners purchase different models and styles of roller shutter doors in order to improve the appearance of their property. In addition to adding a more modern appearance, these doors can also add additional value to your home.

Shutters For Doors

Many homeowners take extra precaution when it comes to their interior doors and windows, only to take a moment when it comes to their shutters for doors.

Plantation shutters are an excellent choice for all the doors in your house, and you will notice that shutters are even customizable and fitted to many different door types inside your house.

The automatic shutter has long been a standard component of the point and shoot camera. Automatic rolling shutters are fast gaining popularity because of a number of positive points. With these types of shutters, you can easily get the shutter installed to protect your house or office from severe weather and fire attacks.

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