E60 European standard EN 1634-1 certified options are available.

Thanks to its bi-directional locking mechanism and its four sides are recessed, it provides ease of use either right or left when desired.

The frames are made of 1.5 mm galvanized iron and the wings are 0.8 mm thick.

The thickness of the frame is 20 mm and it is also available on the four sides.

DOOR; door handle, leaf, two hinges (one standard with a spring), hot fume wick, standard arm and lock set.

With standard hot smoke wicking, if the ambient temperature reaches a certain temperature, it is foamed and the gap between the door and the wing is closed.

The self-closing of the door is ensured by the standard spring hinge.

Depending on fire resistance and door size, the leaf thickness is between 50-60 mm. The interior is filled with stone.

When the door is closed, the strength of the door is increased by the wing support rockwool located on the back of the door.

Each of the hinges has 160 kilogram load-bearing capacity and 200.000 opening and closing features.

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If you have a business that requires good fire resistance then you should know what fire proofing doors are.

Fire doors are a door that has a high fire-retardance rating attached to it, typically used as a component of an active fire protection system in order to reduce the Spread of fire and smoke in between different rooms of a building or construction and to facilitate safe egress out of the building or structure.

Active fire protection systems are often used on business premises, warehouses, industrial units, factories, and mobile homes.

This type of protection has a number of benefits. It reduces the amount of energy consumed during an active fire event by cutting off the supply of oxygen to the flames thus rendering them ineffective and rendering the blaze go out relatively quickly.

Also the increased structural soundness created by having a reinforced door prevents damage to the surrounding structures.

A fire proofing door has a number of benefits but there is one more very important thing that all doors with fire resistance must have. That thing is a good fire control device which performs two functions. It should do two things and I will mention them separately below.

The first function of the smoke proofing and fire proofing door control circuit is the prevention of the entry of combustible vapors into the building. The second function is to prevent the escape of poisonous gases out of the building. This is achieved by fitting the door with a pressure identifier 2 device. The device acts as a sensing device for gases that can ignite.

Fire Exit Door

A fire exit door (also referred to as an exit stairway or stairwell) is an exit door found on high buildings like shopping malls and airports. It is a key element in fire protection for commercial establishments.

An exit stairway is typically made up of fire doors, a steel shaft and railings. The main purpose of this fire exit door is simply to enable an un-hindered and quick escape via a safe and fireproof door to an area of safety even when the rest of the building is on fire.

Fire Rated Doors Price

You may be looking at the different fire rated doors prices and wondering which one is the best choice for your home.

Not only will this help you choose the right door for your needs, but it can also help you understand the overall value that a specific door can bring in a home.

Knowing what is on the market will help you understand what door will make the most sense for your specific needs. Knowing which doors are the best choice for your new home can save you time, money, and ultimately keep you and your family safe.

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