Give access to pedestrian with radar system,encrypted pass ,access control systems and with special software system inside is usually a motorized door consisting of aluminum body. They are automatically opened and closed doors equipped with advanced technology in very busy buildings of pedestrian traffic. It is usually equipped with glass and aluminum material. These doors draw attention with their aesthetic appearance and their future designs. Also inside buildings acclimatization is an important tool that also serves pretty big task. Sliding doors have an obvious superiority when the cold and warm air has stayed at outside the building relative to other doors. This show that these doors play an important role in how energy-saving.

Mechanisms thanks to two double triple wheel system used in each single wing, there is no possibility of dislocation of any immediate impact crash results in the door leaf. Mechanism motors, control units, electronic parts, wheels, fastening systems and complete imported.

Mechanism body,cover and other part of aluminium are designed according to sliding doors. In the design phase, all fitting details are taken into consideration for sealing and suitable wick and brush systems are developed and these details are solved with a modern line which completes the aesthetics of the door.

Sliding doors have the ability to be connected to all kinds of pass card,buttoned, fingerprinted access systems.

A sliding exterior door, patio sliding door, or French door is basically a large sliding window opening from within a building, normally a residential home, to the outside, fresh air, and plenty of natural lighting.

Sliding exterior doors are so called because one can slide out or slide inside the door and enjoy the outside world while still being protected and secure.

There are several types of exterior sliding doors including pocket doors, French doors, sliding garage doors, French doors with their own windows, etc.

One can choose the type of door one feels most comfortable with, whether it be sliding exterior doors, patio doors, or French doors. All of these doors offer a high level of security for the home owner as well as increased energy efficiency.

When choosing sliding exterior doors, energy efficiency should be a main consideration when purchasing a new door.

Energy efficient doors will usually require less maintenance and will save the homeowner money over time as the doors will run more efficiently and not need to be oiled up.

An energy efficient sliding French door may be exactly what the homeowner is looking for to increase energy efficiency and reduce their electricity bill. Doors are available in different sizes and styles to suit different sized patios, decks, and exteriors.

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Sliding doors have always been a security concern since their inception. They can be used in residential homes and commercial establishments.

Security Most modern sliding doors today are extremely secure and stop criminals from being able to enter.

The primary reason for this being is due to the strong aluminum oxide seals that keep the doors locked at all times.

The sliding rails on the doors too are also interlocked in such a way that they can’t be easily removed from the exterior.

For these reasons, you should buy sliding doors from Hermes company.